Meet Karuna and Alistair. Both born and raised in Dubai but currently living in Toronto, Canada. Karuna reached out to me during the really cold Canadian weather in hopes of booking a lifestyle session here in warm, sunny Miami for their blog. She had nothing but beautiful words to say about my work and that really meant a lot to me. Not only that but they legit seemed like incredible people. Now, don’t get me wrong, we always have to be cautious when meeting new people, especially when the session was first going to begin in their hotel room, but let me tell you, God works in mysterious ways!!!

When I arrived, they were having breakfast and so kindly insisted I sit with them. This immediately made me feel even more comfortable with them. They were so sweet and welcoming and extremely interesting people. I am sure that once you start to scroll through the gallery you will also feel a sense of welcoming in their body language. All in all, I definitely enjoyed getting to spend this time with them in documenting their stay at the lovely Betsy Hotel in South Beach.

p.s. isn’t this hotel just lovely?

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while we were in the lobby i asked karuna what these coordinates meant. these coordinates signified a special location on the beach in dubai where as a child her family and extended family would spend new years eve together for many years.

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if you would like to follow karuna and alistair’s travel blog, check them out here